Web Design

As an in-house designer, a lot of my experience has been working within a pre-established web design framework, which is why 2013 was an awesome year to be a web designer at Christianbook. I lead a team of five designers in totally re-imagining the look & feel of major site components: main navigation, homepage, product detail pages and store/category pages. The redesigned elements bring the company’s look into the present day and provides much-needed longevity. 


Additional Credits: Web Design Team Homepage & Navigation

The previous version of the homepage was packed with information. Unfortunately, not all of it was very useful. The directive for the redesign was to cut through the clutter, focus on promotions and products that the customer would be interested in.

Product Detail Page

The main objective of this redesign was to greatly increase the size of the main product image. As a bonus, I reorganized the main product details text and action button areas for improved hierarchy. Styles also got a visual upgrade throughout. The second slide below shows the detail page “before” image.

Store/Category Pages

Since a group of editors maintain these pages, a redesign meant an overhaul of the CMS with which they were accustomed. The updated system uses responsive “widgets” that editors can pick from to build pages that will better serve their category. Though the Christianbook website isn’t currently responsive, these widgets are prepared for that transition, and are already seeing use on the current mobile site.

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